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Colin OG

THC 24%

Indica 70%

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Colin OG is a tribrid well-known for its euphoria and intense feelings of relaxing ease. It was bred from three classics: Sour Flo, Grateful Dawg, and The White. The result is sour, herbal, and spicy, a perfect heavy Indica flavor that can help users deal with mood swings, pain, spasms, and depression. If you don’t mind diesel flavor and an intense mental high, Colin OG could be your new best bud.

The flavor is a burst of citrus, fuel, and herbs, owing to the dominant Myrcene and Limonene terpenes. The aroma is overwhelmingly earthy and hints hard at the citrus and herb undertones on the exhale. Colin OG should be tagged as a taste of the great lemony outdoors.

Based on the 18-25% THC level, you may expect Colin OG to be an intense friend to have. However, this strain treats you gently as you ascend its relaxing, cerebral high. You’ll be flying. As that’s going on, your body will sink slowly into the couch, allowing you to kick back and chill. As a result, we can’t recommend this strain for people that want to get work done, get energized, or find their social center. You want to hang out with Colin OG when he’s the ONLY one you’re going to hang out with.

Those who suffer from mood swings and stress know that mental clarity can break the cycle. You can replace depression, muscle cramps, headaches, spasms, and nausea with a rising mental high that can bring on a sense of gradual calm. Be careful of your mouth and eyes though, which may dry out on a Colin OG high. Make sure you hydrate before hanging out with him.

Colin OG is a total bliss-out. If you have trouble eating or experience headaches during your busy week, you can relax these physical and mental issues with a Colin OG high. The sense of euphoria can mellow out your mood as spicy herbs and floral, citrus notes fill your room and help you float away. Don’t expect to get any more work done that day. But whether a weekend afternoon chill-out or a late evening relaxing in, this could be your ultimate kick-back strain.

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